Buddha Said “The Mind is the fore runner” for all” Literary that means we create our own world of illusion and the virtual entity called ” I ” and “Me” and use the mind to Enjoy the world of six pleasures and suffer the eleven types of woes and agonies that brings in the stress and lamentations. (The Fire Sermon Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV 19-20)

The secret is in the mind. One who understands the mind find liberation from it all. This liberation is “Nibbana” the ultimate goal of the Buddha’s teaching.

” Mind is the Fore Runner ” It is the base;  or the foundation of Buddha’s teaching. It is the Dhamma or the totality of Buddhist Teaching. The mind, controls our action ;  that action controls what we achieve;  what we become;  what we are. Spanning across numerous life times , the mind determines ones life,  and its very existence.

This BLOG tries to bring together few attempts by our contemporaries to shed some light of our own recent understanding of the MIND.

Page 1: Michael Mosley – In to The Mind  (A series of three documentaries)
Page 2:  Dr. V. S. Ramachandran –The Emerging Mind
Where is the consciousness when you die. Is it  something that goes off and stop functioning or is there a continuation.